Executive Board Members

President, Kim Glaser, MS, LCGC

The President’s role is to oversee all activities of the organization. The President serves on the Executive Board and leads all Board meetings. The President serves as an advisor to FLAGC’s Committees and helps lead the decision making for the organization. The President works closely with the President-Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary.

President-Elect, Melissa Racobaldo, MS, LCGC

The President-Elect is the equivalent of a Vice President and is there to assist the President with all tasks and activities. The Vice President oversees the FLAGC email account and oversees our job postings. The President-Elect will assume the Presidency after their two year term as President-Elect.

Secretary, Tatiana Alvarado-Wing, MS, LCGC 

The Secretary is responsible for record keeping of the organization. They organize the agenda for our meetings and keep track of meeting minutes. The Secretary also oversees our new membership applications on our FLAGC website and maintains our membership lists.

Treasurer, Darcy Berry, MS, LCGC

The Treasurer’s role is to oversee the financial administration of the organization. They advise the board on financial strategy, perform financial reporting to NSGC, and advise on fundraising.  They provide a budget for the Annual Education Conference as well as for grants and other projects. 

Member at Large, Helen Travers, MS, CGC

The Member at Large is an experienced genetic counselor who has held leadership positions in the organization previously. They serve as a mentor and confidant to the other board members.

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